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17 juillet 2015



Going in for the kill! Rumer camiseta oficial seleccion colombia para mujer
is paired up with professional dancer聽Valentin Chmerkovskiy
Across the way at the Dancing With The Stars studios, Orlando native Charlotte brought some more sunshine to California with her ensemble.
Narrowly avoiding a wardrobe malfunction, the 23-year-old showed off her assets in halterneck thigh skimming number.
Wearing her blonde lock half up in a bouffant quiff, McKinney appeared in the zone as she walked around with headphones in her ears.聽

Let the sunshine: Charlotte showed off her model frame in a rainbow bright halterneck mini dress聽

Getting in the zone: McKinney blocked out the pre-show commotion by listening to music

Step by step: The Orlando born beauty wore her hair half up and down in loose curls

Buxom blonde: The 23-year-old did well to avoid a wardrobe malfunction as she walked barefoot
During the show, Charlotte got emotional as she recalled the bully she faced over social media following last week's performance.
She said:聽'I left school at 17 because of bullying, relentlessly about my body shape, and it's upsetting to see that even now I'm still getting attacked by these people.'
'It's hurtful, extremely hurtful. People just think because I'm pretty and blonde that I don't have feelings. And I do,' Charlotte added.
However the upset was short-lived as the judges praised her routine and awarded her with two 7s and two 6s.聽

Picture perfect: The model's dress was decorated with multi-coloured images of hearts

Last minute research? McKinney seemed fixated as she watched something on her smartphone

Happy days: After her performance judges awarded Charlotte聽with two 7s and two 6s

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17 juillet 2015



All that s left now of Newtown massacre gunman Adam Lanza s former home is an empty lot.聽

Connecticut s Department of Public Works demolished the home where Lanza, who was responsible for the 2012 mass shooting at Sandy camiseta negra real madrid 2015 comprar
Hook Elementary School, lived with his mother.聽Earlier this year, local lawmakers in Newtownthe white Colonial home in an effort to remove the constant reminder of the tragedy that occurred in their community.聽Workers on Tuesday knocked down the structure and cleared the rubble.


On the morning of Dec. 14, 2012, Lanza killed his mother, Nancy, at their home in Newtown before he drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School. There, he killed 20 first-graders and six educators before fatally shooting himself.聽Evidence indicated that he planned his actions, including the fatal self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Construction equipment outside of where the Lanza home sat on March 24, 2015.
Photo by WVIT
Investigators ultimately found 鈥溾€?nor indication of why Lanza chose Sandy Hook Elementary School as his target, other than perhaps its close proximity to his home, the Office of the State鈥檚 Attorney for the Judicial District of聽Danbury聽said in a summary report released in November 2013.聽Lanza, 20, 鈥渉ad significant mental health issues that, while not affecting the criminality of the shooter s聽mental state for the crimes or his criminal responsibility for them, did affect his ability to live a normal life and to interact with others,鈥?according to the report.

The investigation discovered that Lanza communicated with his mother only through emails聽for weeks before the shooting.聽

The bank that held the mortgage had turned over the home to the town at no cost.聽The lot of land is expected to be turned into an open space.

Ten families that were affected by the shooting聽last December against Bushmaster for聽making, distributing, and selling聽the AR-15 rifle, which the gunman used during the massacre that took less than five minutes. The action alleges negligence and wrongful death.

In January, the parents of two children who died in the shootingagainst Newtown and the Newtown Board of Education. They allege inadequate security at the building where the gunman opened fire. Both families also are included in the lawsuit against Bushmaster.

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17 juillet 2015



Jon Lester, scratched from his last start because of a tired arm, threw a bullpen session on Monday.The left-hander, who signed with impresion de camisetas madrid
the Chicago Cubs as a free agent this offseason, is confident he'll be ready to start on Opening Day."Today was more getting out there, getting my feet under me and going through my normal routine," Lester said. "The other stuff will be there. We're still in the process of building arm strength and arm speed, and that will come as the innings get higher."I've always felt it takes me a little longer, maybe toward the end of May, when you feel strong — you feel good and just go through the five days with the games, throwing 100 something pitches every fifth day. It takes some time to where you're consistent with everything."Lester is not worried about velocity, just building arm strength and staying healthy. He was scheduled to start on Thursday for the Cubs.

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17 juillet 2015



Arizona announces the two-year deal for Redding and also  A.Q Shipley to a two-year deal.

Dan Williams , while Mike Iupati and Sean Weatherspoon both sign their contracts.

Arizona reportedly  on a two-year contract worth up to $6 million.

The Cards , who has the second-longest active consecutive games played streak.

The Cardinals  with Iupati, Weatherspoon and Peters.

The cheap youth real madrid jerseys
deal for Dan Williams in Oakland  per year and $15 million guaranteed.

The Cardinals  to the . The Cards did not try hard to keep him.

March 10:

Cornerback Antonio Cromartie between the Cardinals, and as his new team.

12-year veteran defensive end , who played the last three years for the , Wednesday.

The  are being reported: five years for $40 million and $22.5 million guaranteed.

The Cardinals  to a one-year contract.

The Cardinals are  for a visit.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Cardinals  running back .

March 9:

The Cardinals are , former Atlanta Falcon, to a three-year, $10.5 million deal.

Guard i the Arizona Cardinals.

Alameda Ta'amu, previously left untendered as a restricted free agent, .

, who reportedly was a target of the Arizona Cardinals, 

Looking at another outside linebacker, the Cardinals are one of five teams reportedly .

Former Cardinals receiver and returner , where he played before coming to Arizona last offseason.

Arizona loses out on linebacker ,  on an five-year deal worth nearly $40 million.

Free agent defensive end in free agency.

March 8:

Former linebacker .

The Cardinals are reportedly clearing cap space toat .

Veteran pass rusher is in Cleveland and is headed to Indy, 

The Cards could be looking at another linebacker with an injury history 

March 7:

Looking to perhaps replace , the Cardinals are one of three teams 

The Cardinals reportedly are  to replace .

Looking to upgrade the interior offensive line, the Cardinals are 

Sean Weatherspoon is reportedly  with the Cardinals.

Arizona  to upgrade the inside linebacker position.

The "legal tampering" period for the NFL begins.  to know.

March 6:

The Cardinals to restricted free agents and .

Quarterback Carson Palmer reportedly , freeing up more than $7 million in salary cap space.

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17 juillet 2015



Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew were camiseta de colombia en miami
indicted by the NYPD and the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor this afternoon, after being arrested late last night outside Quad Studios in Manhattan. The crew were initially charged with conspiracy, but in a press conference this afternoon police commissioner Bill Bratton and prosecutor Bridget Brennan, alongside Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson, detailed the extent of the incidents as well as the charges against each member of Shmurda s GS9. The indictment included 69 charges including murder, attempted murder, assault, attempted assault, weapons possession, criminal use of a firearm, reckless endangerment, narcotics sales and criminally using drug paraphernalia.
Check the charges below.


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17 juillet 2015



Dan Pelle photo
Hundreds gather for a candlelight vigil Thursday at the corner of Sprague Avenue and Vista Road to remember Ryan Holyk who died from injuries suffered when he was hit by a Spokane Valley patrol car on May 23.

The family of a teen bicyclist who died last year in an incident involving a speeding deputy on Sprague Avenue in Spokane Valley is disputing the conclusion of a tipografia camiseta holanda
law enforcement team that examined his death.
The parents of 15-year-old Ryan Holyk filed a lawsuit against the Spokane County Sheriff鈥檚 Office and the deputy involved in the incident, Joseph Bodman, late last week.
Holyk was crossing Sprague on his bicycle against a red light about 10:30 p.m. May 23 at Vista Road when Bodman sped by in his patrol SUV. Bodman was going more than 70 mph in a 35-mph zone without his emergency lights on.
Officials initially said Holyk was struck by Bodman鈥檚 cruiser. But in January, investigators said they determined through three separate investigations that Bodman missed Holyk 鈥?by as little as a foot 鈥?and Holyk died as a result of flipping over his handlebars and landing on his head.
Mike Mauer, who represents Holyk鈥檚 mother, Carolyn Thomson, and father, Aaron Holyk, said he doubts the conclusions of the Spokane Investigative Regional Response Team that determined Bodman鈥檚 car did not strike Holyk.
鈥淭he trauma to Ryan was so severe that it wasn鈥檛 simply him falling off his bicycle,鈥?Mauer said.
The Spokane County Prosecutor鈥檚 Office said neither Bodman鈥檚 car nor Holyk鈥檚 bike showed any signs of damage.
After the prosecutor鈥檚 office cleared Bodman of criminal wrongdoing, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich launched an internal investigation into whether Bodman followed department policy and procedure. Knezovich did not return a call seeking comment Tuesday.
Holyk鈥檚 bicycle had no brakes, lights or reflectors, and Holyk was not wearing a helmet, according to the response team鈥檚 investigation. Helmets are not required in Spokane Valley.
The lawsuit claims that at the time of his encounter with Holyk, Bodman was on his way to Second Avenue and Park Road to assist another deputy who had pulled over someone wanted on a warrant. Bodman was going about 74 mph even though the suspect was in custody and two other deputies already arrived, according to the lawsuit.
Deputies are allowed to violate traffic laws if they are responding 鈥渃ode鈥?with lights and siren, according to the Sheriff鈥檚 Office policy manual. Deputies heading to routine calls without lights and siren are required to 鈥渙bserve all traffic laws.鈥?Holyk, a West Valley High School student, died June 4 at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center.
No specific dollar amount is listed in the lawsuit, but the Holyk family is asking for money to cover funeral costs, loss of future earnings, and money for the 鈥減ain, suffering, anxiety, emotional distress and humiliation and fear experienced by Ryan Holyk prior to his death.鈥?Staff writer Nina Culver can be reached at ninac@spokesman.com or (509) 459-5473.

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17 juillet 2015



A dozen suspects have been arrested on charges that they solicited minors for sex after a two-day joint investigation this weekend.The deion branch colts jersey
Bibb County Sheriff s Special Investigations Unit teamed up with the FBI and agencies from around the state on the operation, which took place Saturday and Sunday at a local hotel. Investigators posed as willing minors through websites as part of the investigation, according to a news release issued Monday.Authorities are not releasing the name of the hotel, said Lt. Sean DeFoe, a public information officer with the sheriff s office.The following suspects were arrested and charged with use of a computer service to seduce, solicit, lure or entice a child to commit an illegal act: Christopher Sterling, 37, of Columbus; James Sapp Sr., 68, of Cochran; Amado Lomas, 32, no address available; Chadwick Cagle, 39, of Kathleen; Francisco Lopez III, 32, of Warner Robins; Brett Hall, 22, of Macon; Toney Quesenberry, 26, of Macon; James Howard, 23, of Macon; Charles Thompson, 50, of Macon; Donovan Jorge, 48, of Macon; David Conatser, 50, of Hawkinsville; and Timothy Strickland, 59, of Warner Robins.To contact writer Jeremy Timmerman, call 744-4331.

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17 juillet 2015



With Flores potentially sidelined and still nursing a pulled hamstring, the spurs youth away shirt
Mets have lost both of their projected starting middle infielders over the past few days. Flores was having a strong spring, batting .371/.378/.657 with two home runs while playing decent defense, albeit with three errors.
If Flores is going to miss significant time, , , and will all receive further consideration for a spot on the team. Both Reynolds and Muno have put up strong spring training numbers, each with an OPS north of .800. However, neither projects to be much more than a utility infielder long-term, so relying on either to start for an extended period is sub-optimal. The Mets could also retract their previous statements regarding not breaking camp with the major league team in order to add some additional middle infield depth.

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17 juillet 2015



Caption Belvidere High School Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL The full cast of Belvidere High School's The Wedding Singer rehearses the show's finale before performances on le nouveau maillot de manchester united 2013
March 13-14. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda The full cast of Belvidere High School's The Wedding Singer rehearses the show's finale before performances on March 13-14. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda (Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries Caption Belvidere High School Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL Senior Matt Hoyt leads the ensemble in the song All About the Green in preparation for Belvidere High School's The Wedding Singer March 13 and 14. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda Senior Matt Hoyt leads the ensemble in the song All About the Green in preparation for Belvidere High School's The Wedding Singer March 13 and 14. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda (Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries Caption Belvidere High School Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL Senior leads Jared Cowley and Joelle Tshudy pose before Belvidere High School's dress rehearsal of The Wedding Singer on March 10. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda Senior leads Jared Cowley and Joelle Tshudy pose before Belvidere High School's dress rehearsal of The Wedding Singer on March 10. Photos taken by Stephanie Golda (Photos taken by Stephanie Golda / THE MORNING CALL) See more galleries

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17 juillet 2015



Offense isn't this team's problem, though. While it fell off a bit with the roster shakeup, the Mavs still rank third in borussia dortmund kit india
the league in scoring. Even with the lack of backcourt cohesion between Rondo and Ellis, the starting lineup is simply too talented to not score, and they can regularly pick-and-roll their way to great looks for guys like Chandler Parsons, or find Tyson Chandler over the top for the alley oop.
Rick Carlisle's rotation remains a question mark, however. The Amar'e Stoudemire signing has proven to be important, shoring up the hole left behind when they traded away , but they also received meaningful minutes from , who was also sent off to Boston. Their lack of depth has helped extend the careers of guys like and , and it should be something the Spurs can use to their advantage.
As potent as the Mavs offense is, I like the way the Spurs match up. They'll be able to go under every Rajon Rondo screen and may be tempted to force Ellis to shoot as well, considering his struggles — especially with how easily he's been able to get to the hoop against the Spurs in the past. A rejuvenated Tiago Splitter should be able to stay in front of the big German as well as anyone, as he continues to prove how valuable he is to this team. Of course, he'll probably blow a layup, which'll probably be what most casual viewers remember in the end. Some day, Tiago:

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17 juillet 2015



Republicans favoring tougher election laws won big on Monday when the Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to Wisconsin's voter ID law that requires prospective voters to show photo identification before casting a ballot.

The law won't be enforced for the upcoming April 7 election, but officials said compliance will be 2012 13 borussia dortmund home ucl long sleeve shirt
required for later ones, .

"Absentee ballots are already in the hands of voters, therefore, the law cannot be implemented for the April 7 election," Attorney General Brad Schimel said in a statement. "The voter ID law will be in place for future elections – this decision is final."

Being that the Supreme Court temporarily blocked the 2011 law for the November election, its decision to not hear the case this time around was somewhat surprising.

Civil rights groups have long contended the law could disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of residents, especially racial minorities, seniors, students and people with disabilities, who aren't able to obtain proper identification. A federal trial judge who previously blocked the law agreed, saying it would "deter or prevent a substantial number of the 300,000-plus registered voters who lack ID from voting," the Times reported. Some believe the laws intent is to make it more difficult for Democratic-leaning demographics to vote.

The law is one of the strictest in the nation, requiring prospective voters to show a current or recently expired driver's license or equivalent ID for those who don't drive, a military ID, U.S. passport, tribal ID, recent naturalization certificate or certain student IDs, according to the Times.

Wisconsin officials said the law was necessary to fight voter fraud, and even the court's more liberal justices remained silent on its decision not hear the case.

Now, sights are turned to Texas, where a similar statute will soon be heard before a federal appeals court for the 5th Circuit next month, .

Wisconsin is now the eighth state with strict voter ID laws requiring a government-issued ID, the others being Georgia, Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.

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17 juillet 2015



The fact of the matter is that there is already a solution for protecting from 'direct fire' attacks crear camiseta de milan
on vehicles in the form of Israel's and its many clones that are now arriving on the international weapons marketplace. By pairing Boeing's blast wave defense system with an active defense system like Trophy, a vehicle's occupants could presumably be protected from both forms of attack. In doing so, their chances of surviving even intense combat situations could astronomically increase. Additionally, the fielding of both system may allow future combat vehicles to be less heavily armored, much more maneuverable and faster, not to mention cheaper to build. All of which would give a military force an edge in sustained combat.

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17 juillet 2015



PUEBLO, Colo. (AP) – A Pueblo man accused of crashing his vehicle into a home, killing maillot bayern historique
his 6-year-old niece has three prior DUI convictions dating back to 2003.
The Pueblo Chieftain reports ( ) 34-year-old Daniel Case was arrested Friday on suspicion of vehicular homicide, DUI and reckless driving after authorities say he drove through the front door of his brother s home, striking his niece.
The girl, Alexis Case, died at a hospital.
According to court records, Daniel Case pleaded guilty to three DUIs that happened in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Calls to the Pueblo County jail to see if he has hired an attorney went unanswered Tuesday night.
Investigators say Case told them he put his vehicle in park to get out and talk to his brother, and he would never do anything to hurt his niece.
Information from: The Pueblo Chieftain,
Copyright 2015 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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17 juillet 2015



The National Football League has a long way to go before it can match the live streaming chops of pro baseball, but the camisa borussia dortmund m.gotze
NFL's online offerings have been getting a little bit better every season. When the 2015-16 season starts up this fall, the NFL will reportedly try an experiment that could have major implications for cord cutters.
Next season, the NFL will sell exclusive online streaming rights for the league's annual game in London, England, according to . The game is scheduled for Week 7 and sees the Jacksonville Jaguars take on the Buffalo Bills at 9:30 a.m. Eastern. Local markets in Jacksonville and Buffalo will still get to see the game on TV, but the special game won't be on televisions across the rest of America, the Journal says.
To view the game in the U.S. outside of the two team home markets you'll have to stream it online. The NFL has yet to decide on which service will get the streaming rights. Google's YouTube is an obvious contender as the NFL just struck up a . In 2013, there were also rumors about the NFL meeting with Google to discuss bringing NFL Sunday Ticket broadcasts to YouTube. That ultimately didn't pan out and Sunday Ticket remained with DirecTV.
The story behind the story: The NFL hasn't shied away from online streaming, but the league has approached it with caution. First it tried streaming Sunday night games seven years ago, then it began , and last year 97 regular season games were . But nothing screams caution like selling live streaming rights to an out-of-country game between two small market teams with a kickoff time of 9:30 a.m. Eastern on a Sunday.
Nevertheless, it's a step in the right direction. If successful, this first gamble to go all-in online could have major repercussions the next time the league's broadcast packages come up for renegotiation.
New media, same business
The NFL offers a live streaming package called NFL GamePass to football fans outside of North America. The offering is similar to what Sunday Ticket subscribers get with DirecTV.
For the most part, however, it appears the NFL is still interested in striking up lucrative, exclusive broadcast contracts in North America, be they with Internet-based services or TV and cable companies.
That's a different approach from what Major League Baseball does by offering its own streaming packages worldwide (including inside North America) and then also making television deals in parallel.
The MLB's approach has its disadvantages, since games in your home market are always blacked out online in deference to television broadcasters. Nevertheless, the approach does allow baseball to embrace the Internet as a supplementary platform to TV.
That has also been the NFL's approach with Sunday Ticket, which allows subscribers to view out-of-market games on their TV or online. Other live streaming trials of NFL games have also been supplementary.
This time around, however, it appears the NFL will take a look at the Internet as a nearly complete alternative to television broadcasts鈥攁t least for one game next year.
Then again, as Peter Kafka over at argues, this could be nothing more than a ploy to terrify television broadcasters into paying more money for NFL broadcast rights.
Whatever the NFL's true intentions, hopefully this year's low stakes experiment will grow into improved offerings for cord-cutting football fans. But the bigger NFL news this week has nothing to do with streaming at all鈥攖he league is also s for next season.

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17 juillet 2015



Carpenter/Woodward was chosen by a New Orleans selection committee to oversee the redevelopment of the WTC building, which sits at 2 Canal St.
According to information presented, Carpenter/Woodward's proposal is expected to trikot real madrid gr锟斤拷n
cost approximately $364 million, which was the most expensive of the five bidders for the property. It is expected to bring in more than $400 million in tax revenue to the city of New Orleans.
"The primary economic benefit of this proposal is that they will pay the largest amount of taxes to the City and its general fund," the selection committee said.

Carpenter/Woodward plans to turn the WTC into a Four Seasons hotel, apartments and other mixed-used spaces. Once the plan is approved, the developer will hire 33 people for pre-construction jobs, 1,621 for during-construction jobs and 450 for permanent jobs.
Carpenter/Woodward said 40 apartments will be converted on the four top floors of the WTC, which will be serviced by the Four Seasons hotel staff. Two new wings to the building are also included in the plans.
Construction on the project is expected to begin sometime after May. Before then, the plan must go through final negotiations on the lease and be approved by the New Orleans City Council.
Other proposals came from 2 Canal Redevelopment with Conrad Hotels, HRI Properties with Starwood Hotels, Oxford Capital with Godfrey Hotels and Two Canal Street Investors with Alessandra Hotels.
Each developer has submitted multimillion-dollar proposals to convert the unused space, which opened in the 1960s as the international trade mart, into a mixed-use building. It鈥檚 been vacant since 2010.
Several deals for long-term lease agreements for the building fell through last April, so there was obvious concern the building, with rusty railings and parts of the roof crumbling, would continue to sit untouched.

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17 juillet 2015



john terry chelsea jersey
We understand that this is also the case with the Victorian branch of the DLP, he said.When contacted to confirm the letter's authenticity, Mr Byrne said the party had received legal advice that any challenge to Senator Madigan's decision to quit the party but hold onto the Senate seat would fail. There's no formal discussion [about a court case] through our official channels about taking on Madigan because we've been advised there's no real legal foundation [to such action], he said.Mr Palmer claimed not to know about the DLP's letter as he had been overseas last week and the matter was for the party organisation and not the parliamentary party. It's not a matter for me personally, Mr Palmer said It's a party matter and its matter for the national director Peter Burke, he said.Fairfax Media understands talks first commenced between the PUP and DLP via a disgruntled former staffer of Senator John Madigan's who was not even a member of the party at the time and has only rejoined the DLP in the last few days. He first contacted the PUP when Jacqui Lambie quit and sat as an independent for Tasmania last year.But a PUP official only responded when the same operative made contact after Senator Lazurus' shock defection from the party earlier this month.  A spokesman for PUP confirmed they had been in talks with the DLP's acting secretary in Victoria, Clara Geoghegan. Ms Geoghegan did not respond to calls on Wednesday.

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17 juillet 2015



I'm going to sit back and do what I do best. Learn, look, listen and really take it all in.
Senator Katy Gallagher
"Knowing Katy as I england world cup shirt 2014 for sale
do, she will work incredibility hard for this city and will be a really proud and passionate voice for Canberra."Senator Gallagher said she was "apprehensive" but also excited to take on her new role. "It's lovely to have that support from the legislative assembly, and start my new career, and see that the assembly is in very good hands as well, so I guess this is a milestone," she said."I'm going to sit back and do what I do best. Learn, look, listen and really take it all in." Senator Gallagher acknowledged the role would come with a range of new challenges. She said it would take time to get comfortable with the change of pace and topics being debated in Federal Parliament. "It will be throwing me into a completely different sphere. I will need to look into issues that I have not had to really understand deeply before, like defence, national security," she said. "I understand it's where the big boys and girls play. I mean that Parliament is where it all happens across the country and I'm going to be a small part of that."

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Perhaps unsurprisingly to some here, our NL West golden horseshoe companions from the Bay Area lead all organizations with just 11 surgeries since 2005. Only 3 of those nationalmannschaft deutschland neue trikots
surgeries in that stretch were performed on MLB players. What is surprising is to see the Rockies come in at ninth on that list with 15 organizational players going under the knife, and just five at the MLB level in that stretch. The team that has truly experienced arm-ageddon in that time is the , with 30 total UCL replacements, 14 at the MLB level. While the Braves' scouting ability has helped them locate more arms to fill those gaps, they still felt the need to trade MLB talent to secure prospects Mike Foltynewicz, , and to augment their on hand talent.

Nick Groke from the Denver Post explains that at least as far as the Rockies are willing to say, De La Rosa is just dealing with some groin tightness. Interestingly, he also mentions that JDLR's right hand was heavily bandages. BandagEd haNd that Gets Hurt And Zero explanatIon? Sounds legit.

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18 juillet 2015



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pointed to what he called a key reason for the dropping enforcement in collecting delinquent taxes.The report indicated the staff at the Cuyahoga County Treasurer s office has been cut from 83 employees in 2010 to just 37 in 2014.We took the study to recently elected Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish, who received a copy of the report on Feb. 27.Budish s office issued the following statement in response to our story:
These are important issues that we take very seriously. We received this study just this week and intend to review and fully understand its contents. We look forward to working with our partners and housing advocates to find solutions.
Ford believes growing property tax delinquencies should be one of the top issues the new county executive should address as quickly as possible. There is no questions the county needs to collect these property taxes because we need it for schools, we need it for police, fire, municipalities that are stressed by their budgets, said Ford. You wouldn t expect to see a shrinkage in the staff at the county to address that. Just last week, NewsChannel 5 Investigators pressed Cuyahoga County officials about the lack of tax collection enforcement on East Cleveland property owner Robert Lyons Jr.We obtained property tax records indicating Lyons owes $1.1 million in property taxes on several apartments to cash-strapped East Cleveland.Lyons came to the attention of Lyons owes tens of thousands in back taxes at that property.Lyons is now being taken to East Cleveland Municipal court on March 11.— Follow Joe Pagonakis on and  

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18 juillet 2015



You might finally be able to watch something you want neymar numero de maillot au barca
to see on your hotel room TV. Amazon announced an update for its Fire TV and Fire TV Stick Tuesday that could give the gizmos a leg up over competing devices since they now stream on public Wi-Fi networks where the Chromecast and Apple TV usually can't.
For road warriors, travelers and college students, the update could make it much easier to stream from Amazon Prime Instant Video, 聽and Netflix on the road. Most gadgets without a built-in display are usually unable to bypass the password-protection used by hotels, colleges and other public networks. That's because they often require users to sign-in on a "splash screen," or log-in page that pops up asking for a username and password.
The update also allows the larger Fire TV to connect with Bluetooth headphones, for wireless streaming without disturbing a spouse, kids or roommates. It also includes new shortcuts to the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick鈥檚 menu, which makes it easier for the devices to mirror the display of a smartphone or tablet.聽Amazon also announced it would begin selling its Fire TV Stick — which聽聽– in the U.K. and Germany.
鈥淐ustomer response to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick has been overwhelming — we鈥檝e been working hard to build more of both as quickly as possible, and we鈥檙e excited to be adding new features we think customers will love,鈥?Peter Larsen, vice president, Amazon Devices, said in a . 鈥淚n the U.K. and Germany, Fire TV is already the best-selling streaming media box on Amazon, and we鈥檙e thrilled to be bringing our fastest-selling Amazon device ever — Fire TV Stick — to the U.K. and Germany.鈥?
Amazon says Fire TV now can store downloaded apps and games on USB devices, but not videos or music from Prime Instant. Existing users should see the updates roll out in the next day or so.

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